Pegasus Infracon

Welcome to Pegasus Infracon Pvt. Ltd. – a company engaged in plotted developments & construction projects. Pegasus… derived from a beautiful Greek word… it means 'a winged horse that represents wisdom, art & divinity’. And at Pegasus, we have taken a pledge to imbibe this pursuit of 'applying wisdom and art' in everything we do to redefine excellence in construction. In a realty world, where every one is making incessant efforts to be heard and seen, we are sure that it will be our distinguished approach that will make people notice. We are ready to spread our wings and spread the winds of change with fresh ideas and farsighted projects.

At Pegasus, we have taken a vow to resurrect and redefine excellence while laying the foundation of quality, honesty and ingenuity. With an aim to transform every project in a milestone, we are committed to leave behind the legacy of brilliance! Brick by brick we are ready to build a fame that will touch sky!

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

GIHED Member