Why Invest In Bhavnagar?


Valuable reasons to Invest in Bhavnagar

A beautiful and charming city located on the west side of India and Gujarat called “BHAVNAGAR”. Bhavnagar offers multiple opportunities on various kinds of business, be it Industrial, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Real Estate, Rolling Mills, Ship Breaking and many more. Let us find out the reasons, why should one invest in Bhavnagar?


  • Bhavnagar is one of the backbone cities of Gujarat.
  • It stands second in diamond cutting and polishing across India.
  • One of the first cities to have airport, in Gujarat.
  • World’s largest ship breaking yard, Alang Shipyard is at Bhavnagar.
  • Bhavnagar’s industrial part is well developed and employs a large number of the city population.
  • Bhavnagar city is largest producer of salt in the district.
  • Bhavnagar remained the major port, for almost two centuries.
  • Bhavnagar is first city in Saurashtra and the third in the country to start a railway line.
  • BADA is the fastest growing area having urban fringe settlement of Bhavnagar city in Gujarat state.
  • It exports cotton, ship machinery and dehydrated onions.